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Words of Inspiration
            for the Journey...
Quote of the Moment:
"Faith is being sure of what we hope for & certain of what we do not see."
  "What we resist, persists...What we befriend, we will  eventually transcend."                                                                         Robin Sharma
   "Life isn't about finding yourself ~ Life is about creating yourself."
                                                     George Bernard Shaw
"All you need is deep within you waiting to unfold and reveal itself.
All you have to do is be still and take time to seek for what is within,
and you will surely find it."
                                                                       E. Caddy
                    as though no one is watching you,
              as though you have never been hurt before,
                      as though no one can hear you,
                       as though heaven is on earth.   SOUZA
Make a way for yourself inside yourself
Stop looking in the other way
You already have the precious mixture
that will make you well.
Use it.                - Rumi -       
                                         May I be joyful.
                                  May I be free from harm.
                                 May I be healthy and well.
                       May I be filled with love and compassion.
                            May all those around me be joyful.
                    May all those around me be free from harm.
                   May all those around me be healthy and well.
         May all those around me be filled with love and compassion.
                                  May all beings be joyful.
                          May all beings be free from harm.
                         May all beings be healthy and well.
               May all beings be filled with love and compassion.
            (Loving-Kindness meditation from Buddhist tradition)
There are two ways to live your life...
  One is as though nothing is a miracle,
               The other is as though
                           everything is  miracle.    - Albert Einstein -
Be Realistic...Expect a Miracle.


One last thought for the road...
"Life cannot be measured by the breaths that you take,
  but rather, by the moments & things that take your breath away"
                                                                   Dr. Wayne Dyer


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