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Services May Include

   * JoyfulSpirit™ Intuitive Integrated Transformation
     (multiple modalities ~ Divinely Guided)

   * Awakening The Magic™ & Joyful Spirit ™
     Private & Group Coaching/Mentorship Programs 

   * Intuitive Energywork
   * Matrix Energetics (R)
   * ThetaHealing TM
     * CranioSacral Therapy / SomatoEmotional Release (SER)
   * Energy Medicine 
   * Reiki
   * Vibratonal Repatterning
   * Acupressure
   * Core Belief Processing/Releasing/Transformation
   * Mind-Body Connection
   * Therapeutic Touch
   * Chakra Balancing/Healing
   * Crystal / Gemstone Healing
   * Color / Light / Sound
   * Essential Oils
   * Meditation
   * Relaxation / Stress Management
   * Hypnotherapy / Guided Imagery / Creative Visualization
   * Past Life Regression
   * Angel Healing/Readings & Mentorship to Become a Channel
      for the Angelic Realm

   * Mediumship/Spirit Connection Sessions & Mentoring

   * Connection to the Elemental/Faery Realms

   * And more…...

* Please Note: These services are not a substitute for medical or 
 psychological diagnosis/treatment.  Janet does not diagnose, provide
 medical treatment,  prescribe medications or holistic supplements.

It is strongly recommended that you see a licensed medical professional for any specific physical or psychological issues which require care.

*To schedule an Appointment or for additional information...

Services are available in-person, via phone and/or Skype.

All services/packages/programs must be paid in full prior to initiation.


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             Awakening The Magic       

     Erial, NJ  08081


  Email:  janet@awakeningthemagic.com