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What is Energy
Energy Medicine techniques and principles enhance personal healing at all levels.  Improved health, clarity of mind and spirit, increased energy & vitality, and general well-being are some of the positive results.  Energy Medicine is safe and natural...it is both modern and ancient, where science and art come together as one.  
Energy Medicine provides a complete system of self-care & healing, while also being complementary to all other medical approaches.  It can address disorders & dysfunction/illness of the physical body, as well as mental &/or emotional issues.  It is also an extremely effective tool for enhancing overall well-being at a high level as well as for supporting the attainment of peak performance.
The essential principles of Energy Medicine are as follows:
(adapted from David Feinstein, Ph.D.)
  • Everything is made of energy and the dynamic basis for the physical body consists of both electromagnetic energy and the more subtle energy systems.
  • The state of those energies, both individually and in relationship to each other, is ultimately reflected in the health of the physical body. (ie. problems with energy flow, balance & harmony often result in physical disease &/or dysfunction)
  • Energy disturbances (and their related physical outcomes) can be identified and addressed in order to restore movement of the energies in specific patterns, support crossover of energies at all levels (DNA, brain, body), and create & maintain harmony and balance among all of the energy systems.

Energy flow, balance & harmony can be negatively impacted by stress, toxins, interference from other energies, physical constriction/injury, etc..  When one or more of your body's energy systems contain blockages, are out of balance, or not in harmony with each other, especially for an ongoing length of time, your body simply cannot function well. 



Energy Medicine Assessment of your unique energies and patterns is conducted using a variety of tools, including kinesiology, meridians and chakras among others, in order to determine where your current needs lie.  Specific techniques / corrections are then utilized to achieve clearing of energy blockages, recharging and balancing of energy systems in order to support and enhance subtle energy flow, function & harmony.  Techniques may include tapping, massaging, pinching, stretching &/or connecting specific energy points (acupoints) on the body; flushing, tracing or swirling with the hand(s) to facilitate movement of energies long specific meridians/energy pathways; performing exercises designed to produce specific energetic effects; surrounding an area with healing energy using one person's energies to support another's; and focused use of the mind's intention to move specific energies and promote balance/harmony. 



Energy Medicine is effective for many problems, including stress-related issues, auto-immune dysfunction, chronic pain and emotional concerns to name a few.  It can be used to stop the onset of an illness by stimulating immune function, as well as to address a disease already in progress.  Energy Medicine cn relieve headaches and pain throughout the body (from a variety of sources), improve memory/creativity and cope with the electromagnetic pollution of modern-day society. 
Simple self-help Energy Medicine techniques are taught for use at home and play an important role in supporting people in their ability to create and maintain their energies in a healthy, balanced state, and as a result, increase their personal health, well-being, joy & vitality!

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 "Healing From Within"
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