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Angel or Faerie Reading/Healing

Reading (1 Question) - via Email - $50.00

Reading (2 Questions) - via Email - $75.00

Reading (3 Questions) - via Email - $100.00

Reading/Healing - 30 min. via Phone - $85.00

Reading/Healing - 60 min. via Phone/InPerson - $150.00


* Call for information or to schedule an
Angel Reading Party *
(Faerie Parties also available & Lots of Fun!!!)
Angel Reading parties include a short talk about the angelic realm, how everyone can connect with the angels, & how this connection with our own personal Angel Team can change our lives in amazing and wonderful ways. Each individual receives a 20 minute Angel Reading while other party participants have fun exploring & playing with the Angel Guidance Board, Oracle Cards, pendulums & more.  Party concludes with time allowed for questions & answers.  
Minimum group of 5 required; Hostess receives a surprise gift.  (plus free reading with 6+ additional guests!)  Travel charges vary depending on time/distance involved. $55.00 per person


Mediumship Sessions

Mediumship Session - 30 Min. via Phone - $85.00

Mediumship Session - 60 min. via Phone/InPerson - $170.00


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  Email:  janet@awakeningthemagic.com