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Suggestions for a Positive Reading

Whether connecting with the angelic realm or the spirit world, it is very important to maintain an open mind throughout the entire process and be open to whatever messages come through, and also to whomever is delivering the message (I do not mean me...I am the channel, not the source of the messages received!). 
Angel Readings may bring forth specific archangels, a guardian angel, ascended master, etc. or simply an angelic presence, and  the angels at times may choose to answer a question other than the specific one asked, if that question lies deep within the heart and is most important for healing, growth & guidance.  Divine guidance comes from a place of love and wisdom, always with your Highest Good in mind.   
During mediumship sessions, connecting with the spirit world, we also do not have control over who will "come through".  This does not mean that you will not connect with the person you want to hear from...they often appear simply by someone mentioning them in love, I just cannot guarantee it.  Please understand also, that people who have passed on do not connect with us to provide "predictions" or tell you how to live your life...that is your journey & they honor that .  They come to us to show us that life continues and that they are still with us - we are not alone...and we are always surrounded by  their love and support.
I will give you the information as I receive it...in Truth & Love.  Please listen carefully ...something may mean absolutely nothing to me but has great meaning for you.  Sometimes, what seems to be trivial in the moment, later takes on great significance.  During a reading, I may receive information in a number of different ways - an image or symbol (clairvoyance), hearing words/sentences (clairaudience), experiencing feelings - physical & emotional (clairsentience) and, last but not least, claircognizance - an inner "knowing".  Please be open to allowing your personal connection & interpretation to emerge.   "Apple" may be a connection of baking apple pies with grandma, or living on Apple Street, or a nickname given to a child...
It is a good idea to take notes during the readings, especially if something does not immediately seem to have significance.  (Often, those messages/details become clear later).
  • If there is someone specific whom you would like to connect with, take some time the morning of your scheduled reading to "talk" to them...simply let them know that you wish to have them present...hold that desire in your heart and if it is for your Highest Good, they will come through. 
  • It is very important when receiving a phone reading to arrange to be in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.  Turn off all phones, beepers, etc..
  • Make sure that you are well hydrated and comfortable.
  • If you do have specific questions, write them out ahead of time (remember to consider the length of the reading) - another option is to be open to receive whatever guidance would be most beneficial at that time. 
  • Take a few moments before the reading to relax, gently breathing in and out of your nose, letting go of the cares of the day in order to have a positive, rewarding experience.

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