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Gift Certificates

Give the Gift of Transformation & Healing!




Gift Certificates may be purchased for a specific service, workshop/class or in any dollar amount to be applied as the recipient desires.


* To purchase a Gift Certificate, utilize payment options below

 or contact Janet at (856) 435-2713

(Email her at dragonfly.girl@comcast.net)


What a wonderful way to show someone you really care!


Credit Card / PayPal Payment:  When using this option, please email me regarding your purchase with details: Recipient name and Total amount (Note - due to website restrictions I am only able to offer GC in specific amounts, therefore you may need to purchase several amounts to add up to your desired total.  I apologize for any inconvenience!). 


It is also necessary to call or email me contact information (phone number/best times to reach, etc.) so that we can confirm means of delivery as soon as possible.  Thank you!

* Gift Certificate - $150.00

* Gift Certificate - $100.00

* Gift Certificate - $50.00

* Gift Certificate - $500.00 (Holiday Special-Get $100 GC Free!)


             Awakening The Magic       

     Erial, NJ  08081


  Email:  janet@awakeningthemagic.com