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* Meditation & Relaxation:


* What is Meditation? 
     Quite simply, meditation is a state of
     relaxed, focused awareness of the mind &
     body, where the mind is alert & focused,
     while at the same time, the body is totally
     This state is a natural one, which we
     spontaneously experience on a daily
     basis - as we fall asleep, just as we are
     waking, driving a long stretch of road,
     when we become "lost" in music or a
     wonderful book...
     Anyone can learn to meditate if they have
     the desire, patience & committment to do
     so.  There are many different ways to
     meditate - clearing the mind is one way, 
     other methods include filling the mind
     with intentional thoughts & images, 
     concentrating on sounds, colors, &
     movement, to name a few.

Some Ways to Reduce Stress:
Massage, Yoga, T'ai Chi
Gentle Music
Time in Nature
Creative Activities
Helping Others
Positive Affirmations
Laughter / Humor
Balance Work & Play
Honor Priorities
Conscious Thinking
Creative Visualization


Centering & Grounding:
1. Feel your feet against the floor - breathe deeply & imagine
    roots growing from your feet deep into the Earth.
2. Notice as the energy & power of the Earth rises up into you,
    first through your feet, then calves...thighs...hips...& back.
3. Imagine yourself firmly & securely rooted to the Earth.
4. Now sense a beautiful, shimmering white light above your
5. Feel it enter through your crown, filling your head, then
    neck...and heart, with the gentle yet powerful energies of
    Love & Peace.
6. Bring your attention now to your solar plexus...
7. Notice & enjoy these 2 energies swirling within you, becoming
    one with you - breathe deeply...and allow yourself be
    centered, grounded & healed of all that needs to be healed.

Working with Janet:  A one-on-one session with Janet will provide you with the guidance, information & inspiration to start you on your journey.  Janet will assist you in choosing the method(s) best suited for you & provide you with simple yet powerful tools which will support you in developing and maintaining a relaxation/meditation program that will change your life.


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