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Manifesting & Abundance



* Spring 2016 *



This class is designed to teach you how to use ThetaHealing in the Highest and Best Way to assure yourself success in all aspects of your life.

 * Learn Powerful Secrets of How to Manifest

 Everything You Can Dream.

* Create Abundance from the 7th Plane instantly...

Live the Joyful, Abundant Life you Deserve!


* In this class you will:


  • Learn (& Change!) the 100 most important beliefs given from Creator to Vianna Stibel (founder of ThetaHealing) that block your manifesting!
  • Uncover & remove your deepest beliefs  and/or fears that limit your manifestation & abundance! 
  • Learn & practice the most powerful method for manifesting instantly in the highest &  best way from the 7th Plane!
  • Transform your thinking patterns to be optimal for manifesting~ Learn simple techniques in every day life that support unlimited abundance!
  • Receive profound energetic downloads that increase your capacity for manifesting exponentially!
  • "Remember your future" in order to create it the way that you desire it to be!
  • Train your subconscious to recognize, attract be open to receive money - lots of it!
  • Match your internal states with your external environment in order to create abundance in all areas of life!
  • Learn how to charge all objects in your home and space with desired intentions & assignments for ongoing manifestation!
  • Understand & Live in the Flow of Divine Timing!
  • Discover the Power of Boundaries, Honesty, Accountability, Generosity & more...


* Call Today – $150 Deposit (non-refundable) 

Required to Reserve Your Place.


Balance Due Prior to Class – Includes Manifesting & Abundance Manual, Vianna's Manifestating Meditation CD, Abundance Questionnaire & Certificate


* Please Note, Basic & Advanced ThetaHealing® are Prerequisites for this class.


  To Register: Mail Tuition/Deposit to: 

            9 Killington Ct., Erial, NJ  08081

 (please include name, phone, email & street address) 


See Below for PayPal/Credit Card Payment Option.



Click Here to register for Manifesting & Abundance Class.


             Awakening The Magic       

     Erial, NJ  08081


  Email:  janet@awakeningthemagic.com