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Theta Healing TM Testimonials:


Theta Healing Classes:

"I thought the Advanced class was great & I was very impressed with you as a teacher. You were able to clearly communicate the information, allow time for practice and answer all of our crazy, diverse questions!  Of course, being good at "bending time" was probably useful, but you managed it effortlessly.  The thing I was most impressed with was your ability to be 100% present and 1000% non-judgmental.  I know as a teacher how hard it can be to want people to hear what you are trying to tell them vs. hearing them and helping them see how the info fits where they are coming from or helps them move to a different place than they were before.  So thanks for this invaluable lesson - I aspire to be at that level & will keep working on it.  I love the new things I learned (3 R's, Ancestral releases, being in Theta during all energy work, communicating clearly with my Higher Self, Free Floating Memories, visiting the Laws, etc.) and have implemented them already!"    C. K.
"This workshop (Rainbow) opened up a world to me I had only hoped was there."
"I really enjoyed the Rainbow Children class. It was so much fun to open up all my senses to receiving, to play games, practice & expand the way information is received psychically.  I had a great time and would recommend this class for anybody that wants to reconnect with their Inner Child to play, laugh & bring more joy into their lives.  Janet is the perfect facilitator for this class-her energy & knowledge are awesome-thank you!"  V.P.
"I feel blessed for this amazing experience.  I hope I can inspire people the way you inspired me. Thank you for picking the right words in every download. I now feel life can be much more fun, magical & light - talking to Creator, All That Is and believing in our creation power, also seeing, knowing, hearing & feeling the Truth from 7th Plane.  Thank you for helping me find my Inner Rainbow Child again!" Unconditional love, Valeria (Argentina)

"Dear Janet, I cannot tell you how wonderful the ThetaHealing class was. I learned so much, and yet I realize I still have so much to learn and to retain. You were the perfect teacher. I knew when I visited your website and then received your email that I had made the right choice. Your energy introduced yourself to me before we even met and this past weekend was everything I had hoped it would be and much, much more. Thank you, Creator! And thank you, Janet. I cannot wait for the advanced class to begin. Blessings!!"  C. M.

"I just wanted to say that I am so GRATEFUL for this past weekend. It was an honor to finally meet you (Veronica talked about you quite a lot) and to work with you. I truly feel that I am changed forever. I’m noticing my attitude and reaction to judgment and other things are so much different. Just like you said, it comes up, but right away my mind chooses not to focus on it and let it go by. That alone is amazing (I am known to live in my head and dwell on things-no more).  I am looking forward to many more of your workshops.  Much love and light!" T. C.

"As always you have provided the "space", knowledge & insight for a truly rewarding experience.  I learn, laugh & heal every time.  The time & journey is always life-giving and well-spent.  I am grateful to you & your gifts.  Thank you for sharing and sending me into rainbow energy & light.  P.S. My little child says thank you too. :):  Kristin Krieger
"Janet you are truly a teacher & doing exactly what you are supposed to to do.  It is obvious how skilled & intuitive you are.  Also, the class participants were amazing and the room was filled with love.  I feel very blessed to have been a part of this.  Thank you for the great experience."   P. Quenzel
"I just wanted to thank you again for teaching the Theta Training.  I feel that you and the awesome people that I met at the class have taught me Theta and so much more.  All of the downloads and Theta Healing has awakened a Love and Joy for Life.  You're a great role model for what life can look like when you come from a place of Joy, Fun, and Trust in the Flow of Life.
In the past, I struggled with Depression, not feeling like I quite fit in, and not knowing if I was truly connecting with God or if it was my imagination.  Now, I really know that I am connecting with God...it's made a huge difference in my attitude and my day.  I felt really good all weekend of the training, but I think a key turning point for me was when we did the Gene Change & Healing.  I really felt a shift in myself to one of "I am Joyful and that feels like my natural state". 
I went to an Alternative Healing networking event on Thursday and one of the things I told them about was how exciting Theta healing is.  It is such a great modality!  I'm so excited to share it with people and to keep working on myself and I've had the chance to do a few remote healings (it was key that yu told me it was possible and brought up the awareness that I really didn't need to be in the same room or country to connect with someone.)" 
With Gratitude & Springtime Sunshine, S.

"Theta Healing is probably the most empowering process I've ever learned.  The healing from Theta work comes quickly & joyfully, fully & completely.  Janet is not only a talented, fun & compassionate teacher; she is a wonderfully gifted healer.  She truly shines a light in the dark places & helps you find your way to healing on all levels.  Thank you Janet."    E. Simpkins
"I was fascinated that even when people weren't sure what to "do" that the recipient had amazing releases, showing them how it is a Divine process.  Thank you!"    R. Schwoyer
"Janet is a gifted teacher and because of the way this was presented I had none of the "performance anxiety" that I usually feel with a new modality.  The feeling of support and comfort was a pleasant experience.  The class was awesome and I would really like to pursue more in this area and will!  Thank you!"    R. Velebir
"This class, like others I have taken with you was life changing.  Being able to feel changes happening was just amazing." K. Scott
"The practice exercises were excellent to give experience and confidence in practicing Theta Healing."    P. Gadesaud, M.D.
"The Theta Healing class was wonderful!  The material was presented in an easy way to understand it.  I loved your playfulness, sense of joy, ease and love for life.  They are very contagious!  I feel so empowered by this technique.  The sky is the limit on everything that Theta can be used on.  I feel great!  It was great to discover things that I didn't & needed to know about myself & my belief system.  Thank you for brightening my mind, my heart & life with this great class!!"  
"This is so interesting.  Janet is a very caring, giving, funny, sweet, knowledgeable, intelligent teacher!  I loved learning how to go to the 7th Plane.  It has changed my life!  It has opened a new door!"   H. Morohovich
"I loved telling my left brain to shut up!  When I would doubt what I'd see I'd say "be quiet - just deliver the message!" and it always turned out that the very thing I questioned (and maybe that made no sense to me) was exactly what the person needed!"  K. Foote

Theta Healing Sessions:

"I am sending a picture of my new guitar I picked up today.  I just had to share this with you and I once again thank you for all of the wonderful help you gave me during class.  You not only taught me that I could live my dreams but that I could create the life I want.  I will forever be grateful to you for your assistance and the love and support that you gave me to go live my life, the life I wanted.  You also seemed so confident in my ability to achieve my music goals that I am motivated in part to be a success because I do not want to let you down.  Your belief and confidence in me really helped me to set my goals.  I also send you the unconditional love of Creator and I wish for you abundance in all areas of your life including joy, happiness, success, contentment, and may you have more than you dream in all positive areas of your life."

Mark Scott, Musician &ThetaHealing Practitioner

“I wanted to thank you again for the light and strength you helped awaken in me.  Things have  been intense the last few weeks, but no matter how crazy things seem to get on the surface,   I feel a deep inner peace that transcends the surrounding madness.”     J. Wright
"You are truly amazing ....thanks from the bottom of my heart for Wednesday,....I'm truly at peace now and feel so much 'lighter'."  I. R.
I feel I had more energy after our work today.  Also, I feel that I can experience the joy coming into my life with smiles and laughter, rather than tears.  Previously, that is want I did, but somewhere along the way that changed.  I am thinking a this moment that the joyful things do not have to do with worthiness or deserving, rather as wonderful happenings in my life which I am open to."   A. F.
"Since the last time I saw you - I have witnessed significant shifts in my consciousness.  I feel like a part of myself has been reborn."  M.W.
"I am truly grateful for this miracle in my life - I feel so much better - pain is minimal and working on the steps to keep it that way."   L.C. 
"Just needed to tell you what an amazing day I am having and its not even 5 o'clock!  I've taken many things in stride today that I would typically blame myself for... and even found a way to carve out time to paint my nails, dance like no one was watching and release my thoughts to nature.  I needed to share this because it is too amazing for me to keep....I sat outside on my favorite chair near my favorite mini-cherry blossom tree and suddenly the sun popped out.... I began to just let thoughts flow and let them come and go....I was writing them down though and realized how powerful just listening to your own thoughts can be...my first thoughts were very basic I love crafts, I love sunshine, I love my yard.... all the way to...the universe figures itself out ..do not control it...enjoy it!!   Thank you!"  J.B.
"My ThetaHealing session brought to light many issues and patterns I did not realize existed - responsibility issues that I was not aware of were recurring in my life.  Even without the actual healing part the session was well worth it for just plain shedding light!"  K. R.


"Just wanted to let you know of something that happened today...I had some testing done while at the hospital which the physician submitted to the insurance company...denied, so I got a bill for $2,100. Additionally, my supervisor was pressuring me to go back to the office physically…something I am unable to do yet. This morning I was lying in bed prior to getting up & did some muscle testing. I said to myself "life is easy and effortless" and got a Yes. But then, I said to myself “life makes it easy and effortless for me” and the answer was No!.  I remembered what you said - change the words I was saying to myself. So, I just changed the thought to “life does make it easy and effortless for me” & fell back to sleep for a while.


After breakfast, I called the insurance company to challenge the denial. I got on the phone with a smile on my face & spoke to a very pleasant person who, on the spot, saw that the denial was bogus & processed the claim (with me owing $20 as co-pay).  Later on this morning, I spoke to my boss, again with a smile on my face & he agreed to let me telecommute until May 15th when my doctor will re-evaluate whether I can go back to the office. :) Thank you for helping me with the process of changing all of those negative beliefs!"   L.L. 




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