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* Click Here to listen to Janet discuss Matrix Energetics during this Radio Interview with Loretta Vasso on BlogTalkRadio!




The Science & Art of Transformation 

  Quantum physics principles tell us that at the level of the photon, our bodies & the world around us are made up of light & intelligence and all possibilities exist at the same time.

We are surrounded by and part of a matrix of highly responsive, finely tuned biological information which is the framework for the creation of all reality & form.  Dis-ease & trauma manifest as disruptions in the natural order and flow of this grid-like energy field.

Matrix Energetics is not “energy work/healing” in the usual sense. 

It is a means of releasing limiting perceptions and accessing a state of possibility (the Quantum Field), where through use of focused intent, gentle touch, play & imagination, instantaneous personal transformation & observable, physical changes can occur...allow yourself to transcend the limitations of your mind and experience a place where miracles occur!

Matrix Energetics is a new idea that is supported by modern physics, subtle energy physics, quantum physics. In order to really understand the magnitude of what is possible with this system, you must experience it for yourself. If you're a practitioner of some healing modalities, whatever you do, Matrix Energetics provides a new tool and shift in thinking that can apply it to anything that you want to accomplish.  If you are completyely new to healing work and/or physics...simply enjoy the Magic!

“Matrix Energetics applies the principles of quantum physics as a unique and effective approach to healing.”  Norman Shealey, M.D.


"Some things lead us into a realm beyond words." Alexander Solzhenitsyn

To experience that place and make changes you may never have thought were even possible, call for an Appointment Now ~ (856) 435-2713.

* Mention the Solzenhitsyn quote when booking and receive a 10% discount on any length Matrix Energetics session!

Richard Bartlett, Founder, Matrix Energetics

*For Additional Information & Upcoming Classes go to www.matrixenergetics.com.




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