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Rainbow Children

 ThetaHealing™ Class


Date To Be Announced 

(4 days; 9am-5pm)

Southern New Jersey/Philadelphia Area





* Rainbow Children is a phenomenally fun and powerful class!!!


Originally created by Vianna Stibel for Rainbow Children (sensitive, incredibly intuitive children born with infinite wisdom, love & the ability to change the world around them), to activate and support their spiritual & intuitive development in the most Divine way possible, working with Creator/All That Is in 7th Plane.


This is an amazing experience for people of all ages...if you want to develop your psychic abilities & learn a little about ThetaHealing this class is for you!  This class is also for parents, teachers & healers who work with children, as well as all who want to See the Wonder in Creation, Hear the Music Within, Awaken the Inner Child & Expand the Rainbow Energy into Consciousness. This class will teach you how to remember the Magic & Joy that life is meant to hold!



In This Course You Will:


* Connect with Creator & Consciously Hold a Theta Brainwave State,  allowing all previous Impossibilities to become Possible!


* Witness Instant Healing & Transformation of Mind, Body & Spirit


* Scan / Read the Inside of the Body to discover and heal dis-ease/imbalance


* Identify & Transform Core Programs underlying Illness, Injury & Unhappiness


* Understand the power of the 7 Planes of Existence & how to work with them


* Practice Belief & Feeling Work to Heal your Inner Child


* Learn how to "Heal the Wounded Soul" & "Send Love to Baby in the Womb"


* Awaken / Develop your Psychic/Intuitive Abilities ~ so much fun!


* Find & Remove Blocks to your Spiritual Growth & Psychic Channels


* Connect with your Power Animals & Totems through Sacred Shamanic Drumming


* Do Crystal Scrying (see fairies/elementals & spirits within)


* Learn Crystal/Stone Layouts for Healing & Journeying


* Practice Empathic Reading of Objects


* Communicate with Angels, Loved Ones, Ascended Masters & Past Lives


* Work with Plants & Animals; Explore Using Essential Oils


* Develop Your Clairvoyance (see & change auras), Telepathy & Telekinesis


* Meet & Talk to the Laws of the Universe


* Participate in Meditations to Manifest Your Dreams...& more.



♥ This class is primarily Experiential with some Lecture & Hundreds of Downloads that will Transform your Life!  Plus, it's really Fun!!!

What Students Say:

"This workshop (Rainbow) opened up a world to me I had only hoped was there."  K.C.
"I really enjoyed the Rainbow Children class. It was so much fun to open up all my senses to receiving, to play games, practice & expand the way information is received psychically.  I had a great time and would recommend this class for anybody that wants to reconnect with their Inner Child to play, laugh & bring more joy into their lives.  Janet is the perfect facilitator for this class-her energy & knowledge are awesome-thank you!"  V.P.
"I feel blessed for this amazing experience.  I hope I can inspire people the way you inspired me. Thank you for picking the right words in every download. I now feel life can be much more fun, magical & light - talking to Creator, All That Is and believing in our creation power, also seeing, knowing, hearing & feeling the Truth from 7th Plane.  Thank you for helping me find my Inner Rainbow Child again!" Unconditional love, Valeria (Argentina)






* For more information about ThetaHealing®:

    Call Janet @ (856) 435-2713


             Awakening The Magic       

     Erial, NJ  08081


  Email:  janet@awakeningthemagic.com