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Current Schedule of Classes & Workshops

* Additional classes / dates may be added for groups of 8 or
   more.  Workshop may be able to be held at your location
    depending upon details such as workshop, number of students, location and distance (travel fee may apply). 
Call 856.435.2713 for details.


*Theta Healing Certification Classes*


* Every 4th Wednesday of the month
* 7-9:00 pm

NOTE: Currently being redesigned.
Theta Healing Play Groups:)

Theta Healing Play Groups are designed to deepen & expand your Theta Healing knowledge & skills, including receiving the latest info from Vianna Stibel. Group includes Lecture/Demo, Downloads, Q/A & Hands-on Practice (supervised by Janet Hensene-Rosiak).  These groups are both fun & educational!  A great way to reconnect with Theta friends and improve your life and skills at the same time!!!Spaces are limited. Reserve your spot now! (856) 435-2713.

TH Play Grp.-Single Evening

ThetaHealing Play Grp.-Pkg. (4)

* Every 3rd Tuesday of the month
7-8:30 pm

NOTE: Currently being redesigned.
"Conscious Creating!"
* Purchase 4 sessions for $80 & save!!
Quantum physics proves that everything is energy...what we focus on & resonate with we create!  Learn how to consciously create a life you love.  Join us for this ongoing interactive group work exploring exactly how the Law of Attraction works, along with various ways to transform beliefs to a higher vibratory state.  Participate in empowering activities and problem-solving challenges that may arise as we become conscious creators of everything we desire to have in our lives.  Register soon! 856.435.2713

Conscious Creating!-Single Evening

Conscious Creating!-Pkg (4)

Reiki I
Open your heart & hands to the healing energy of Reiki!  Learn to heal yourself, loved ones, plants, animals...the planet.  This gentle, yet powerful technique is simple to learn & will change your life forever!!! 

* $50.00 deposit required.


Reiki II

Increase your ability to channel/focus Reiki energy...Learn Reiki II symbols - their meanings and uses, Mental/Emotional & Distance Healing, Japanese techniques & more.  Enhance your spiritual connection & take another step on your journey of personal transformation!!!

* $75.00 deposit required.

* Reiki Master & Master/Teacher Training/Certification*
Contact Janet at (856) 435-2713.

* "Introduction to CranioSacral Therapy" *
* Call for more information!
(856) 435-2713


* See below more of Janet's most popular
*  If you are interested in hosting a
    workshop that is or is not currently scheduled or listed below
    (minimum group of 8) please contact Janet at
    (856) 435-2713 for more information.  

July 24, 2012
(7-9:30 p.m.)

"Healing with the Archangels"


Angels are all around us...helping, healing, loving.  

Learn how to heal body, mind & spirit...Achieve your goals...Release old "stuff" that is blocking your path to energy, joy & abundance!

Create/strengthen your own personal connection with the angelic realm & receive clear messages of Divine Guidance.  Learn the "specialties" of some of the Archangels & with their help, discover the use of crystals, color, imagery, energetic techniques & more.

Find healing, answers & new possibilities in this lovely light-filled evening ~ why not bring a friend?! 

August 1, 2012
(7-9:00 p.m.)
"Faeries 101" :)

Faerie friends are everywhere!!!  Yes, they are REAL!!!

These incredible, profoundly magickal (& often mischievous!) beings are thrilled to give you guidance and assistance in all areas of your life...and no one manifests like an Elemental!  (if you love sparkly things, chocolate, parties & laughter you'll love this workshop!)

Learn how to connect with the Faeries & receive their assistance in manifesting more joy, fun & laughter in your life.  Oh... they can also manifest $$ easily!

*Includes critical tips & rules of the Faery Realm.

November 30, 2011
(7-9:30 p.m.)

"Connecting with the Angels"

Special Holiday Price!

Angels are all around us...helping, healing, loving.  

Learn to see and recognize "Angel Tracks" in your everyday life, remove blocks to angelic communication, create & strengthen your own personal connection with your angels & experience how wonderful life can be when you invite these special friends in.  Find healing, answers & new possibilities in this lovely light-filled evening! 


December 14, 2011
(7-9:00 p.m.)

"Dancing With the Angels!"
(no "angel experience" necessary! :))
(Special Holiday Price!)


Celebrate the Holiday Season with the Joy & Love of the Angels!

Bring peace & healing to body, mind & spirit...Be inspired while having fun!!!  Empowering Guided Meditation, Messages & Blessings from the Angels & Archangels...


* It's time for hearts to be filled with the Joy of Giving & Receiving...Join us and Let Your Heart Dance!


Connect deeply with the Angels & Archangels loving energies
 supporting you on your journey♥  
Give yourself or a loved one the gift of this lovely Light-filled evening!


January 25, 2012
(7-9:00 p.m.)

"Messages from the Other Side...
...an Introduction to Mediumship & Connecting w/ Loved Ones on the Other Side"



  Explore what happens to us after death...our spirits never die.

 Learn how to open your intuitive channels, notice signs & messages from the Other Side, remove blocks to communication & possibly receive a message from a loved one.

*Please note that individual readings are not guaranteed, but you will experience healing through all messages received by the group, a better understanding of life & death and the peace of knowing that we are forever.

August 24, 2011
(7-9:30 p.m.)

"Working With The 5 Elements"
The 5 Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Metal & Earth) represent energies manifested in nature, the seasons & life on Earth, including us! 

Join us for a great evening filled with easy techniques, facts & life activities (included on handouts to take home with you) to help keep your primary element in balance as well as to increase/decrease the energy in any/all of them!

We'll be working with Acupressure, Energy Medicine, Color, Movement, Breath, Sound, Diet & more!  
Did you know that there is are easy techniques to bring each element into balance? Register now and you'll add them to your bag of life tricks!

July 27, 2011
(7-10:00 p.m.)

"The 5 Elements: Understanding Our Actions
& Relationships"
Why do we act the way we do???!!  

The 5 Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Metal & Earth) represent energies manifested in nature, the seasons & life on Earth.  

Understanding the dominant elements of yourself & others gives us insight on why we behave the way we do and how to increase the harmony & balance in our relationships & our lives.  This class is fun-bring a friend!

Contact HFW
(7-9:00 p.m.)

"Mystic Realms" :)

Faeries, Mystics, Wizards, Wise Ones, Mermaids, Extraterrestrials & more!

Ever feel like you just aren't from "this place"?  Wonder why you're drawn to sparkly things, the ocean, the night sky or other interesting things or places....???  
Where did you "come from"??
Who have you "been before"??

Join us in this fun, interactive class and find out. :) 
(might meet some of your kind as well:):):))

Contact HFW.
(7-10:00 p.m.) 
"Improve Your Life w/ Energy Medicine"
Discover how working with subtle energies & Energy Medicine can change your life!

Learn practical, easy, quick techniques to protect against stress & negativity, correct basic energy imbalances and blockages; Strengthen your immune system; Boost your physical energy; Improve your memory & mental clarity plus much more. 

Increase the harmony and joy in your body & your life.  Begin a journey of self-healing and transformation - Body, Mind & Spirit!

Contact HFW
(7-10:00 p.m.)

"The Secrets Behind The Secret"

The Secret is The Law of Attraction, which basically states that what you focus on becomes reality.  Quantum physics proves that everything is energy...so what you vibrate and resonate with, you attract to you.  Simple, hmmm???  Join us for a look at exactly how this law works and what steps are necessary in order to truly become conscious creators of what we desire to have in our lives.  Register soon!


Contact HFW
(7-9:00 p.m.)
"Angel Readings 101"
Angels are all around us - waiting to be asked into our lives to help & heal us!  Learn how to connect with them and receive their loving, empowering, heavenly guidance in all areas of life through the use of Oracle Cards and your own inner wisdom.  Learn how to give Angel Card Readings for yourself & others in this fun and enlightening introductory class!
Contact HFW
(7-9 p.m.)
"Keeping Your Child's Magic Alive!"
Help your child stay in touch with the wonderful openness & gifts they entered this world with.  Nurture their connection to the unseen world...crystals, imaginary friends, fairies...& to his/her Inner Self/Wisdom.  Learn ways to help them develop their imagination, intuition, confidence & joy!

Contact HFW

"Chakra Healing w/ Crystals & Gemstones"
(3-Part Series)

I:  Root & Sacral: Grounding, Safety, Stability, Confidence, Physical Vitality, Relationships, Creativity...


II. Solar Plexus & Heart: Personal Power, Emotional Balance, Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Grief, Releasing Limitations...


III. Throat, Third Eye & Crown: Communication, Immune System, Personal Truth, Creativity, Intuition/Psychic Abilities, Connection to Spirit.Higher Self, R/L Brain Coordination, Surrender/Faith, Inner Wisdom


Contact HFW
(7-9 p.m.)

"Crystal/Gemstone Healing 101"


Discover how & why crystals & gemstones work.  Learn about different types of crystals & gemstones…Find out how to choose, cleanse  and program them for your own personal use & healing.  Experience calming, energizing & basic chakra balancing w/ crystals/gemstones!


Contact HFW
(7-10:30 p.m.)

"The Strange Flows"
(a "Healing From Within" 3-Part Energy Medicine Series)

Learn how to assess & activate the Strange Flows, a little known but incredibly powerful Energy System - the Energies of Joy!  Move out of "survival mode"& into living.  Improve health & relationships, increase your intuition & psychic abilities, overcome self-sabotage & negativity, change life-depleting mental & emotional "habits" and much more.  Experience more Peace, Harmony & Joy during this holiday season & always!
(Great tools for body/energyworkers and laypersons as well:))


Contact HFW
(7-9:30  p.m.)

"The Magick of Quartz Crystals"

Explore the wonder of Quartz Crystals - their beauty & healing power.  Learn about the many different types of crystals:  wands, barnacles, clusters, veils, babies, rainbows, Record Keepers, & more...What powers do they hold???  Find out how to choose & use them on your journey!


Contact HFW
(7-9 p.m.)

"Healing With Color"

Discover how you can use color in many different ways to make positive 

changes  in your life NOW ...

It's EASY!!!

Contact HFW
(7-9 p.m.)
"What is Energy Healing?"
Experience & learn about various types of energy healing (Reiki, Energy Medicine, Therapeutic Touch, Chakra Balancing, etc.)  What are the benefits? How are they different? What does it "feel" like?  Open yourself up to a wonderful world of healing possibilities!


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