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* Reiki has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show! Watch...


* What is Reiki?
     Reiki is a gentle yet powerful, ancient system of hands-on
     healing for the mind, body & spirit.  "Reiki" comes from 
     the Japanese kanji "Rei" (universal spiritual wisdom) &
     "Ki" (life force energy).  Reiki energy is channelled
     through the hands of the practitioner & transferred via 
     patterns of light touch..  Reiki healing requires an 
     openness to heal, but no particular faith or religious
     belief.  Reiki can do no harm, and supports healing &
     balancing at all levels (physical, mental, emotional &
* Reiki Benefits:
   *  Complements conventional medicine & other
       alternative healing methods
   *  Supports the body's natural ability to heal itself
   *  Restores depleted energy & removes energy blocks
   *  Treats symptoms & causes of illness
   *  Relieves pain & stress; promotes total relaxation
   *  Improves physical body functions
   *  Cleanses body of toxins & strengthens the immune
   *  Promotes mental & emotional well-being
   *  Enhances personal awareness, creativity & intuition
   *  Adjusts itself to the needs of the recipient - works with
       adults, children, animals, plants & more...
   *  Can be sent over distance & time
* What is a Treatment Session Like?
     Reiki is typically provided with the recipient lying down
     (but can be given in any position) and fully clothed. 
     It is an extremely relaxing experience, sometimes likened
     to an "energy massage" only "better!".  It brings balance,
     peace & healing to all levels.
     With Reiki, since there is no restriction created by Time or
     Space sessions can be conducted across any distance
     and regardless of time zone differences.  These
     Absentee/Distance Sessions are every bit as powerful as
     those conducted in-person.  During Absentee/Distance
     sessions, the client may relax in a quiet area or simply go
     about their day...the effects are not affected by the "position"
     or "activity" of the client.
* Who Can Learn Reiki?
     Anyone!  Although Reiki may be particularly useful for
     bodyworkers,  healthcare practitioners & other healers, it  
     does not require any specific physical or intellectual ability,
     level of spiritual development or age.  It is surprisingly
     simple & easy to learn.  
     Reiki is passed down from master to student through the
     process of "attunement".  Once attuned, the Reiki
     practitioner is able to channel energy for self-healing & for
     healing others for his or her life.

Sunset Over Water

* Reiki Levels:
      Level I - Become a healing channel for yourself &
       others.  Experience the gentle, loving power of Reiki
       energy; learn how to create a healing environment,
       give a full treatment session, do self-healing & more...
       Level II - Increase your power to channel Reiki energy,
       understand the meaning & use of Reiki II symbols, obtain
       methods for resolving mental & emotional issues, learn 
       distance healing + additional Japanese techniques...  
           Master/Teacher - contact Janet to discuss in detail.
                      Reiki Ideals
                    Just for today, let go of anger. 
                    Just for today, let go of worry.
      Just for today, give thanks for your many blessings.
               Just for today, do your work honestly.
                               Just for today,
       be kind to your neighbor & all living things.



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