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Thursday, 9 July 2009
I am...
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Who are you?  How do you define yourself???

If you make a list of everything you can think of that completes the sentence "I am ________." you have outlined your "story".  Include everything that comes to your mind...good, bad, descriptors, roles, etc.  For example:

"I am...kind, loyal, afraid of bugs, American, tall, of Irish descent, the eldest, a hard worker, motivated to succeed, etc." (this is not me in case any of you who don't know me yet are wonderingSmile - well, some is, some isn't...a great chance to practice your psychic abilities!) 

This list defines your boundaries, tells you what you can and can't create.  Your limitations are found within these words - sometimes even hidden within a quality or phrase that on the surface looks & sounds "good".  Maybe it is, maybe not so much.  Ahhh, "good" and "bad"...judgements right?  Nothing is "real" - not even your arms or legs!  It's all energy - powerful yes, but real, constant, the same for everyone - no. 

"Tall" for one person may be a wonderful thing, representing strength and power.  For someone else it may represent and hold painful memories and the energy of being shunned for being a "freak"...

These beliefs about ourselves are what make us separate.  These ideas of who/what we are become what we then have to protect and defend, often resulting in the creation of walls between ourselves and others... the roots of prejudices, certainly blocks to our joy.  They also work against us in another way...we make snap judgements.  For example, if I meet you and you look like me and are of the same ethnic heritage (of which I am very proud) then I assume you are like me in all ways and a "great person"...hmmm, maybe...maybe not.  I'm sure you see where I'm going here! Undecided

Most people never question the "I am..." - and in that case, you can never know the Truth from God's perspective of self and others...time to explore, yes?

Something to ponder and dig on...a great exercise...have fun!!! last thing...there is one Real thing...

Unconditional Love.

Have a beautiful, joyful day!

With Light, Love & Magic,



Posted by Janet at 9:44 AM EDT

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