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Wednesday, 17 June 2009
Day 2 in Idaho
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Topic: Bones & "The Flood"

So the title says Day 2 but this is the morning (earlyUndecided-just kidding, I'm wide awake) of Day 3...Yahoo! Yippee!  I was up again at 5:30...this is amazing!!!  Thank you all for inspiring me & thank you sweetie for the reinforcement & love.Innocent 

The class is very intense...each day we review a system then scan for it then watch a movie then dig..dig..dig...did I mention DIG???!!!  The entire first week is designed to TRIGGER our stuff...yay!  As my grandma used to say (actually she still doesWink) "Better out than in" or in TH terms, "Better changed than not!"  Our body is truly a miracle - we really take it for granted and the movie about survival truly brought that home today...we are awesome.  Did you know we can survive for over a month without food if we have to and our bodies remember how? Our bodies deserve to be treated well...and they will respond in kind.

The bones are beautiful and connected to Creator through the crown any "God issues" are often held here (that may or may not mean that physical dis-ease/problems are present, but if they are that is a great place to start).  Also, support, safety, security, finances (remember, it's never about the money!!!) and more.  This is where you may find fears of being a psychic/healer, carrying the "weight of the world", etc.  I can hear some of you now..."but HOW do I work with the bones???"  Not to worry about that now...just do your belief & feeling work in these areas & the skeletal system will be happy.Laughing  Oh, that reminds me...teeth...they are giggly & joyful...if you scan yours and they are not...give them some healing! 

The Flood:  Clearly, one of the reasons I am here is to understand the nature (at least one of the very large pieces) behind the flood (and ceiling collapse!) that happened in my home recently.  The moment I got to the Institute, Brandy (Vianna's daughter) started telling me about their flood.  Vianna & I had a great talk about this phenomenon...she is very excited for me - I am a water goddess, I have power over water, water is bigtime abundance, etc, etc. - I just have to "learn to control it".Cool (she's still working on it mind you, but they think it's funny that they check for water immediately before and after she travels).  Yikes!  Actually it is very cool and Mike is clearly a Weather Mage as well, so we're excited about the possibilities and are all about learning to harness that power NOW!!! (also seems like that healing center of ours is right around the corner - between the flood and being told that it is "all around me"Laughing)  That said, much love and gratitude go to my husband Mike for taking care of all of the renovations while I'm away!!!Kiss  So what is important for you to know? 

1.  You DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE THIS EXPERIENCE!!!  Remember, you do not want to be like Vianna or me or anyone are perfect, beautiful & unique...become the best YOU!!!

2.  Read #1 again.

3.  Water issues/odd experiences can also relate in a big way to:  "Going with the Flow" & Emotions - do you control them or do they control you???  Why not look at these before you need to...might be a good idea!

Well, time to is "Hormone Day" - that should be interesting...

Have an awesome, magical day. 

With Light, Love, Joy & Sparkles,



Posted by Janet at 9:02 AM EDT

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