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Thursday, 18 June 2009
Hormones! Plus other important stuff.
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Haha - just kidding!!

Yesterday was very interesting...lots of information but most importantly - doing the work - clearing - clearing - clearing!  Hmmm...just like in all of the ThetaHealing classes & life.  Undecided or get to decide!!!

Since my adrenals are, let's say, sleep/energy patterns have been crazy so I'm just going to list a few important points from the whole day (not necessarily about hormones):

* If you are tired, feel like there's never enough time, overworked, overwhelmed - your hormones/beliefs need help - look at your beliefs around "have to" & "shoulds", expressing yourself (look at when you were a child especially), needing to do things (like save the world) - change that to choosing to do them... to name a few.

* If you are craving certain foods your body NEEDS something! (probably not the french fries, fried cheese, fried mozzerella, etc, etc....maybe Omega 3s...hehe)

* Humans are the only ones who hold onto the past & torture/limit themselves instead of moving forward.  Your childhood is in the past - choose & take action to move on!!!  As Wayne Dyer says, "if your parents are the cause of your problems, bring them to me and I'll fix you, right?" - wrong...YOU are the one living and choosing your life now.

* Theta practitioners...Let Creator do the healing!!!!  Trust that God knows how to do it without your help (interference - haha) - work on that if you need to & the results will expand tremendously.  If you are directing the change (ie. imagining moving the vertebrae, in "counseling" mode, etc.) you are "decorating" & can only get in the way of the true healing needed.

We have yoga every morning before class is "Laughing Yoga"...I can't wait!  Have a glorious, giggly day!!!

With Much Light & Love,



Posted by Janet at 12:01 AM EDT

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