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Monday, 22 June 2009
Friday!!! The Respiratory System - Lung Day!
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So sorry to those of you who were looking for my last 2 entries last week...somehow they got posted to a different blog!  They're up now.Smile

*Last chance to register for the Rainbow Children's going to be amazing.  I just bought a very strange looking wand at Vianna's store the other day - incredibly powerful (as attested to by a few of my friends who kindly volunteered to be my guinea pigs! Tongue out) and meant to be used in the class to clear the 3rd eye.  If you are interested you need to contact Mike at 856-435-2713 or me at 856-498-1173 and leave a message sometime today, confirming your attendance and also put the deposit ($300) in the mail right must be received this week.  I've kept the total at the early bird rate of $700 in case you weren't aware of thatLaughing  The final deadline has been moved up since I need additional time for the shipping of the crytal balls (what fun!)  Also, just wanted you to know that part of this class's tuition must be sent back to the Institute's scholarship fund.

Ok, so on to "Lung Day"!  The lungs hold sorrow, grief, fear, regret & the inability to defend oneself or show one's feelings.  Lung issues can be caused by those issues along with things like mold/fungus, allergies, dust, needing water, etc. and at times can have genetic causes.

The adrenals keep the lungs functioning so weak adrenals = weak lungs - just thought you should know!  This is also important because it illustrates how you need to find the root cause - of beliefs and also of physical problems....this is critical.

What helps the lungs?

* Vitamin C, zinc (must take on a full stomach), Pau D'Arco, ALA, echinecea & more water - * VERY IMPORTANT - if you want to use supplements be sure to study & understand what you are doing - work with a qualified professional vs. going out and buying/taking a lot of things.  This is even true for vitamins in general - if you take many at once, they will probably not be absorbed.

* Working on strengthening the adrenals & exercise are very important for lung health.  Also the Broken Soul technique is important to do.

* Work on clearing Regrets & Resentments - remember you must find out how they served/what were the lessons learned, what it feels like & how to live without resentment and be free of regret.

General "Good to Know" Info:

* You MUST believe it is possible to heal in order to heal...pretty simple, yes?  But profound and true...enough said.  Belief work & downloads can help with this if the person is willing/desiring and actively participating in the change.

* You must also forgive yourself or you will never heal.

* You can grow new brain cells faster than you can wake up dead ones...very interesting! Surprised

* Working with any disease...get to the bottoms by making sure you ask why the person has the disease? and what are they going to do/what will life be like after the disease is gone?  Often, there is no "plan" for what comes after and so the disease is held.

That's it for today...Happy Monday! 

Wishing you all a magnificent day and week ahead!!!Cool

Much Light, Love & Joy,






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