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Tuesday, 23 June 2009
The Heart & Circulatory System
Mood:  crushed out

I have no idea what "crushed out" (see "mood" above) means but I love the heart!!!Laughing

The weekend was wonderful in spite of some rain.  The skies here are gorgeous, rain or shine.  It is so amazing the difference that a car can make!  When I was in Idaho Falls before I was fairly trapped in the hotel with nothing but cement and fast food around I am free!!! (don't think the "other" significance of that statement is lost on me - it's not!Wink)  Free to explore the beauty of the country outside of the town and also to find the beauty within.  My hotel this time is beside the river/falls and the view from my window is lovely...I look onto the river and across the river is the LDS (Latter Day Saints / Mormon) Temple which is lit up at night.  The site of it glowing white in the night and as the sun rises is filled with peace & beauty - you can feel your heart & soul gently answering back when you gaze upon it.  If your life is filled with beauty and appreciation for the beauty in things (obvious or subtle) that is wonderful...if not, look within and look at what you were taught about beauty...your own, others, where to find it, do you deserve it, what does it feel like to see beauty and to be beautiful - how do you do it? and of course, that it's  safe and possible for you to live in and be beauty.  Who me???  Yes, YOU!!!Kiss

 The heart, blood and the circulatory system are connected to many things, but most importantly to Love & Communication.  Here are a couple of things to ponder...

* Do you know how to give and receive love?  What that feels like?  That you deserve it and it's safe and possible to live in a place of complete and unconditional love from Creator?  Just say "yes" and the downloads are yours.Innocent

* Do you know your truth?  Do you speak it?  Do you live in it?  Do you know the difference between your truth (opinion) and God's Truth?  Here's a hint...they are often (usually?) not exactly the same and often very different.

* Know that you have a right to your opinion but you do not have the right to impose that opinion on others.  That's true in life as well as in ThetaHealing.  If you find yourself "knowing" (and probably telling!) your client what they need to work on, it may very likely be you not them who would benefit from working on those things.Embarassed

* What does the world owe you???  Air and the ability to seek and find food...the rest is up to you to create...and yes, energy and effort (not struggle) is required.  Life is not supposed to be hard, but it is full of hills and valleys, ups & downs...that is what you chose when you decided to come into this body on this planet. (and you probably had some pretty good reasons for doing that!)  Life is life.  I guess that bears repeating...say it with me..."Life is life."  It's all about what you do with you respond to it - whether you have lemons or lemonade to use an oldie but goodie.  If you are frustrated because things don't go the way you think they should; mad because if "bad" things happen, either you or God must have "messed up"; if you notice (and react) when something not so pleasanrt happens (even if many good things have been happening), etc...look at your beliefs!!!

*  Regrets - Regrets - Regrets.  Clear your regrets and your heart will be much healthier and you will be much happier.  Regrets can be as deep as beliefs as well as obvious to the conscious mind...when you dig down you will be surprised what is lurking!Foot in mouth As my grandma used to say, "better out than in!"Smile

* P.S. to the cannot pull all regrets at need to be clear and complete about each one.

Have a beautiful, joy filled day!!!

With Light, Love & Sparkles,


Posted by Janet at 9:33 AM EDT

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