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Thursday, 25 June 2009
Sorry so Late!
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Sorry if you were looking for this earlier today...yesterday's class was extremely intense, and I had much to do this morning.  An amazing story is unfolding and a bit of processing as well...stay-tuned...this story will need to be told at some future date.Smile

Yesterday was the "Excretory (Kidneys/Bladder) and Sexual Systems" I'm sure you have noticed, there is a great deal of overlap in the beliefs/issues held in the body...resentment for example, is not held in only one place.  The bladder & kidney are often connected with fear in Chinese Medicine...for example, while resentments are held many places and anger often held in the liver, the bladder often holds old resentments & anger. 

This day included looking in depth at what happens in the body during puberty & pregnancy among other things...all I can say is that every day I am more amazed at the power of the human is truly fascinating to understand what is happening in all of its beauty and complexity.

* Did you know that there is a "love gene"?  Yep, science agrees.  It makes you fall crazy in love and lasts approximately one year.  (ever wonder why the second year of marriage is so different from the first??! hahaTongue out)  How would you like to know how to fall in love with your partner over and over on a regular basis?  Say "yes" and that download is yours.Laughing

* How about a "monogamy gene"?  Not yet discovered but definitely exists in "the world according to Vianna"...feels right to is just a little behind...(she named the love gene years ago and it has just recently been discovered).  Hey, guess what?  I just found research which is definitely on the track of this gene!!!  Sadly, it's being called the "love-rat" gene and a "flaw" and attributed only to men (no women were studied - unfair!  But still...interesting!!!

* The "Baby in the Womb" is extremely powerful - do not forget about fact, it's a great place to start with anyone who has mother, father, &/or abuse (of any kind) issues.  You can do this exercise with yourself and any member of your immediate family without asking permission first...they, of course, can accept it or not.

* The "Soul Healing" exercise is also very powerful for these issues as well as issues related to intimacy of all kinds. Innocent

* Vows, oaths and committments may be creating blockages here - and if the sacral chakra area is blocked abundance cannot flow - might want to pull/release/undo those!Surprised

* Make sure you are not still energetically "married" to anyone other than your current partner...that can include, ex-husbands/wives, boyfriends/girlfriends, old crushes, God, mother, get the idea!It's very important to complete/resolve these relationships and be able to move on, either in order to find your most compatible Soul-Mate or to be ecstatically happy with him/her already in your life!

Hope you had a beautiful day - talk to you tomorrow morning!

Lots of Love & Light,

















P.S.  Someone who is reading this is pregnant and doesn't know it yet!!!Wink 


Posted by Janet at 11:49 PM EDT

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