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Friday, 26 June 2009
Muscle Day
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Muscles like to be cuddled and loved not pushed, so when you are seeing doing healings, once again...let Creator take care of it, not you moving things around. Undecided

Our muscles are true miracles...did you know that...

* When a ballerina stands/on his/her toes, it is like having the weight of 3 elephants stacked on top of each other.

* You have all of the muscle fibers you will ever have at birth.

* You can train your muscles in the dream state.

Muscles are your first line of defense & think that they are the most important part of the body. (of course, so do most of the other parts!Wink

Thet are the first area that gets "fired up" when you become excited, angry, fearful, etc.  They are related to strength, flexibility, manipulation, right/wrong, confidence, standing up for yourself, vulnerability, guilt (including oaths/vows in general)...What it feels like, When to (and when not to), How to...all of those & more.

Some Great Downloads (jusy say "yes")Laughing:

* How to be impervious to attacks, teasing, harrassment from others

* How to be self-sufficient and stronger every day without disconnecting from others

* Who to trust & when to trust

* What it feels like to be strong & vulnerable at the same time in safety

* How to live without the need to judge right/wrong

* When & how to stand up for yourself/fight for something and when that is not necessary (or for the highest & best)

*How to live without manipulating others or being manipulated

* What it feels like to be flexible, confident & loved.

Some Important General Info:

* Do not take antioxidents if you are receiving chemotherapy!!! That will stop the effects of the chemo treatment.  This is also true of many different combinations of drugs, vitamins & supplements - educate yourself before taking anything.

* If you hear "I can't do this" when working with a client - it may be them not you that you are hearing.

* Vows and oaths are different...check for both.

* You have a right to not work with anyone you choose, but be aware of why that is & clear your beliefs as needed.  You do not have the right to impose your beliefs (religious, sexual, etc.) on others...consciously or unconsciously, in conversaition or scanning/belief work.

* You deserve ALL GOOD THINGS!!!

 Have a wonder-full Friday!

Much Light & Love & Sparkles,




Posted by Janet at 8:47 AM EDT

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