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Thursday, 9 July 2009
I am...
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Who are you?  How do you define yourself???

If you make a list of everything you can think of that completes the sentence "I am ________." you have outlined your "story".  Include everything that comes to your mind...good, bad, descriptors, roles, etc.  For example:

"I am...kind, loyal, afraid of bugs, American, tall, of Irish descent, the eldest, a hard worker, motivated to succeed, etc." (this is not me in case any of you who don't know me yet are wonderingSmile - well, some is, some isn't...a great chance to practice your psychic abilities!) 

This list defines your boundaries, tells you what you can and can't create.  Your limitations are found within these words - sometimes even hidden within a quality or phrase that on the surface looks & sounds "good".  Maybe it is, maybe not so much.  Ahhh, "good" and "bad"...judgements right?  Nothing is "real" - not even your arms or legs!  It's all energy - powerful yes, but real, constant, the same for everyone - no. 

"Tall" for one person may be a wonderful thing, representing strength and power.  For someone else it may represent and hold painful memories and the energy of being shunned for being a "freak"...

These beliefs about ourselves are what make us separate.  These ideas of who/what we are become what we then have to protect and defend, often resulting in the creation of walls between ourselves and others... the roots of prejudices, certainly blocks to our joy.  They also work against us in another way...we make snap judgements.  For example, if I meet you and you look like me and are of the same ethnic heritage (of which I am very proud) then I assume you are like me in all ways and a "great person"...hmmm, maybe...maybe not.  I'm sure you see where I'm going here! Undecided

Most people never question the "I am..." - and in that case, you can never know the Truth from God's perspective of self and others...time to explore, yes?

Something to ponder and dig on...a great exercise...have fun!!! last thing...there is one Real thing...

Unconditional Love.

Have a beautiful, joyful day!

With Light, Love & Magic,



Posted by Janet at 9:44 AM EDT
Wednesday, 8 July 2009
Confusion...I'm Back!
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So sorry for being out of touch...there was a bit of confusion with my website host due to my credit card information changing...all is well and up and running now!Smile

Much has happened...the Intuitive Anatomy course is over...whew!  It really was all that I expected, none of what I expected and so much more...hard to put into words...impossible really.  Another life-changing experience to be sure.  It is really amazing that as you continue to become clearer and clearer how your abilities change and so does the level of what is being cleared.  Think of it as cleaning out the main rooms of your house, then the seldom used rooms, then the attic and basement, then the dusty trunks in the corner of the attic or the dirty corner of the basement behind the water get the idea.Laughing

For those of you who "want to see more" (is there anyone who doesn't???...but you know who I'm talking to out thereWink) here is the key:

1.  Give up the attachment - be grateful for and celebrate the gifts you have and the information you receive in any and all ways.

2.  Trust in God and allow perfect, Divine Timing to unfold.

3. Practice - Practice - Practice!!!!!!!!! 

If you feel like, "I've heard that before" that's because it is the Truth...remember, we make the choice to flow or to force in every moment...and everyone knows which one works and which one blocks the path...don't blame God! Surprised

I hope you all had a fun, sparkler filled Fourth of July...Mike came to visit (yahoo!!!) and we had an incredible weekend in Jackson amidst the gorgeously breathtaking Tetons.  It is so easy to forget the awesome healing and transformational power of Nature.  If you are feeling tired, stuck, frustrated, angry, name it...anything other than joyful...spend some time in nature.  Use all of your senses...feel the energy around you, breathe in, bathe in the colors, really feel the breeze & the sun, take in the sweet smells of the trees and flowers, notice the animals who greet you.  One of the upcoming Rainbow Class activities is journeying (through drumming to the Theta rhythm) to meet your Power/Spirit Animals...they each have a powerful "medicine" for us.  Some are with us throughout life, others come and go as we need them...all give us messages and bring the gifts and support we need to create our lives in the ways that we desire.  Mike and I saw bald eagles, moose, antelope, elk, hawks, pica and a grizzly bear!!  There are many wonderful books out there - "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews is a great one...Steven Farmer is another author with books and cards...I have several different ones and always know which one to pull off of the shelf to look up a furry (or feathered!) friend.  If you have an animal (and by animal I am actually including birds, insects, amphibians, etc. as well as furry mammals) that you really love or have drawn to all of your life, or one that you fear or avoid they probably have information for you.  If you are greeted by an animal as you go through your day (especially if he/she looks you in the eye!) - they have brought you an important message. 

* For everyone who is reading this...Antelope brings you the message and power of "Decisiveness".

Who else will you meet today?  Set your intention to have an "animal encounter", ask for guidance and to notice who comes across your path - have fun!!!Cool

Today is the 3rd day of World Relations course - time truly has no meaning - one minute it seems as though the day has lasted forever and the next it is 2 days later...more about this course tomorrow!Smile

Much Light, Love & Magic,


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Thursday, 2 July 2009
Theta Magic
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This morning I was very busy and also let myself sleep in just a bit...(all this transformation!Laughing) so I decided to write this evening instead.  Now I know why!

We did an exercise in class that is not typically a part of the Intuitive Anatomy course (it is part of the July Rainbow Children class-registration still availableWink)...Crystal layouts which hold and magnify the theta state while guiding the "client" to explore/resolve past lives &/or childhood, to talk with Ascended Masters, and more...

Here are a few of my Absolutely Amazing Experiences:

* Helping someone to access a beautiful joyful life where she saw herself as incredibly happy and in love with her soulmate....when she began to describe him she saw that he was her ex-husband - a very difficult, painful & even cruel relationship in this lifetime...and one which was standing in the way of her meeting & falling in love with her most compatible soulmate now...something she wants desperately.  This completely healed and brought tears of joy and a sense of great freedom, peace & hope...Innocent

* Assisting another friend in going back in his childhood to "take care of something" and even though I had no idea of what that was, we ended up changing his experience of being electrocuted, falling from a roof and breaking his back, and sending a dark energy to God's Light with the help of Jesus.  His back, which has had chronic pain since that event is now pain-free...Innocent 

* Experiencing a place that I had no words to describe or to even begin to express my feelings/existence there...except to say that it was beautiful beyond measure even though all that I could see were bright shades of white Light all around me...that the music was filling me even though I could not hear a sound...that I had never imagined that I could feel so much peace and joy, love and completeness...that I was not alone, in fact I was surrounded & connected to so many others even though I could see no one...that I was free and flying even though I had no body...that from this place I truly could not comprehend why anyone would ever fear, worry or be distressed in any way...and then I saw a rainbow, and when I asked what it was, the answer I received was "That is how we see dreams...that is a child's dream..."  I am so very blessed.Innocent

Thank you to Vianna for the awesome gift that she has brought to this world with ThetaHealing, to the loving gift that is her, to all of you who allow me to share this work with touch my life in so many ways...I am forever grateful. 

Much Love, Light, Joy & Gratitude,

Sweet dreams...Janet

Posted by Janet at 12:32 AM EDT
Tuesday, 30 June 2009
The Adventure Continues!
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Good morning!  It has become quite challenging to put down just a few sentences with evrything that is going on...or is that just my nervous system talking??!!! Wink Well, maybe a little of both. 

Skin is the largest organ in the body and very much about sensitivity (among, of course, many other things, including everything else since it covers and protects the entire body).

Those issues of..."I'm so tired of doing this stupid work...when is it enough", "I can't believe this is coming up again", "I keep working on my programs and nothing is any different", etc. etc...sound familiar?  Yes, my friends those are skin (part of the nervous system) issues - we all have them, including just happens less often and you pass beyond it more quickly.  As long as we are in these bodies, there is more...or as Vianna says, how do you know when you are totally clear - probably when you walk through walls.

Additional beliefs that are often associated here can include programs about your beauty (inside and out), your body, showing your feelings, having your feelings hurt, being "thick-" or "thin-skinned", protection, overreaction, irritation, affection, being seen...that's enough for a start.Laughing

Important tips for today:

* Use essential oils with great care - they are amazing tools...they are also very powerful and the skin and olfactory system are direct entry points into every cell in your body.  Did you know that what you put on your skin is in every cell within 30 minutes?  That the olfactory (smell) system is the fastest route to the brain?  That really good (pure) essential oils can cross the blood/brain barrier rapidly?  Know the oils that you are to use, how to combine (or not) and the contraindications.

* Baths are a great and simple way to soothe & relax your body & nervous system...baths free up the skin and improve bloodflow helping to cleanse the entire body.  Add 2 cups of baking soda to your bath after alot of transformative belief to help "set" the changes...add sea salt to assist the cleansing/releasing process.Smile

* Hypersensitivity can be related to psychic ability so you may become more sensitive to external elements as your psychic abilities increase. (or may not - this is NOT always the case so please do not go and become sensitive so that you can be more psychic - hear that bodies?!!!Tongue out)  More on psychic abilities later...I'm very excited about all of the new topics for upcoming Play Groups!!!Laughing  (Also, the Rainbow Children class is right around the corner - I can't wait!!!  I have some wonderful new "tools" for opening the 3rd eye and clairaudient chakras - fun! There is 1 spot open due to a cancellation - if it is yours please let me or Mike know ASAP!)

Allergies - first thing to do...hold the item and muscle check "_____ offends me".  If that is true pull that belief and have Creator teach you how to live in harmony with ____, that it is harmless, etc...and that you know what that feels like, how to do it, safe & possible (etc.) and you do it NOW.

* Beautiful skin needs Omega 3s, a clean liver, light & Vitamin D (and of course - beliefs matter!)

* Color & Light are incredible tools which enter the body through the skin...just a couple of quickies:  green is great for all healing, blue helps with insomnia/relaxation, yellow for parasites, turquoise for headaches...colors help to balance the meridians and so much more!

That's it for today...have a beautiful's a download for you (remember to say "yes"):  "I know what it feels like and how to be open and sensitive to all of the beauty around me, feeling my connection to all things, to Creator, to life and to my own beauty as I move through this day with Love & Grace & Gratitude...and so it is."

Much Light & Love & Magic,


Posted by Janet at 9:17 AM EDT
Friday, 26 June 2009
Muscle Day
Mood:  hug me

Muscles like to be cuddled and loved not pushed, so when you are seeing doing healings, once again...let Creator take care of it, not you moving things around. Undecided

Our muscles are true miracles...did you know that...

* When a ballerina stands/on his/her toes, it is like having the weight of 3 elephants stacked on top of each other.

* You have all of the muscle fibers you will ever have at birth.

* You can train your muscles in the dream state.

Muscles are your first line of defense & think that they are the most important part of the body. (of course, so do most of the other parts!Wink

Thet are the first area that gets "fired up" when you become excited, angry, fearful, etc.  They are related to strength, flexibility, manipulation, right/wrong, confidence, standing up for yourself, vulnerability, guilt (including oaths/vows in general)...What it feels like, When to (and when not to), How to...all of those & more.

Some Great Downloads (jusy say "yes")Laughing:

* How to be impervious to attacks, teasing, harrassment from others

* How to be self-sufficient and stronger every day without disconnecting from others

* Who to trust & when to trust

* What it feels like to be strong & vulnerable at the same time in safety

* How to live without the need to judge right/wrong

* When & how to stand up for yourself/fight for something and when that is not necessary (or for the highest & best)

*How to live without manipulating others or being manipulated

* What it feels like to be flexible, confident & loved.

Some Important General Info:

* Do not take antioxidents if you are receiving chemotherapy!!! That will stop the effects of the chemo treatment.  This is also true of many different combinations of drugs, vitamins & supplements - educate yourself before taking anything.

* If you hear "I can't do this" when working with a client - it may be them not you that you are hearing.

* Vows and oaths are different...check for both.

* You have a right to not work with anyone you choose, but be aware of why that is & clear your beliefs as needed.  You do not have the right to impose your beliefs (religious, sexual, etc.) on others...consciously or unconsciously, in conversaition or scanning/belief work.

* You deserve ALL GOOD THINGS!!!

 Have a wonder-full Friday!

Much Light & Love & Sparkles,




Posted by Janet at 8:47 AM EDT
Thursday, 25 June 2009
Sorry so Late!
Mood:  spacey

Sorry if you were looking for this earlier today...yesterday's class was extremely intense, and I had much to do this morning.  An amazing story is unfolding and a bit of processing as well...stay-tuned...this story will need to be told at some future date.Smile

Yesterday was the "Excretory (Kidneys/Bladder) and Sexual Systems" I'm sure you have noticed, there is a great deal of overlap in the beliefs/issues held in the body...resentment for example, is not held in only one place.  The bladder & kidney are often connected with fear in Chinese Medicine...for example, while resentments are held many places and anger often held in the liver, the bladder often holds old resentments & anger. 

This day included looking in depth at what happens in the body during puberty & pregnancy among other things...all I can say is that every day I am more amazed at the power of the human is truly fascinating to understand what is happening in all of its beauty and complexity.

* Did you know that there is a "love gene"?  Yep, science agrees.  It makes you fall crazy in love and lasts approximately one year.  (ever wonder why the second year of marriage is so different from the first??! hahaTongue out)  How would you like to know how to fall in love with your partner over and over on a regular basis?  Say "yes" and that download is yours.Laughing

* How about a "monogamy gene"?  Not yet discovered but definitely exists in "the world according to Vianna"...feels right to is just a little behind...(she named the love gene years ago and it has just recently been discovered).  Hey, guess what?  I just found research which is definitely on the track of this gene!!!  Sadly, it's being called the "love-rat" gene and a "flaw" and attributed only to men (no women were studied - unfair!  But still...interesting!!!

* The "Baby in the Womb" is extremely powerful - do not forget about fact, it's a great place to start with anyone who has mother, father, &/or abuse (of any kind) issues.  You can do this exercise with yourself and any member of your immediate family without asking permission first...they, of course, can accept it or not.

* The "Soul Healing" exercise is also very powerful for these issues as well as issues related to intimacy of all kinds. Innocent

* Vows, oaths and committments may be creating blockages here - and if the sacral chakra area is blocked abundance cannot flow - might want to pull/release/undo those!Surprised

* Make sure you are not still energetically "married" to anyone other than your current partner...that can include, ex-husbands/wives, boyfriends/girlfriends, old crushes, God, mother, get the idea!It's very important to complete/resolve these relationships and be able to move on, either in order to find your most compatible Soul-Mate or to be ecstatically happy with him/her already in your life!

Hope you had a beautiful day - talk to you tomorrow morning!

Lots of Love & Light,

















P.S.  Someone who is reading this is pregnant and doesn't know it yet!!!Wink 


Posted by Janet at 11:49 PM EDT
Wednesday, 24 June 2009
The Immune System...You & Others & You...
Mood:  bright

This system is all bout you...and others...and you...what does that mean???  So many things...

Communication is one very large area...Love, giving and receiving...Releasing Rejection (and often the Resentment that accompanies it) begin.

Just a few tremendously enlightening bits of wisdom:

* Things are never what they seem...What is real? is all perception, so knowing the difference between your perception and others" as well as your perception and God's is critical in living a peaceful, joyful, love-filled life.

* It is great to have is not ok to push those opinion onto others.  Remember this in life and when doing ThetaHealing work.  You do not know what someone else needs (even with the best intentions)...and if you think you do, it's more likely that you are the one who needs to work on whatever has come up. (regardless of what "facts" about the other person your brain is now spewing forth in defense of it "really being theirs"! Tongue out)  Yes, I know I said that yesterday...there's a reason for that.

* If you have been working on someone and they are not getting better, look at your own beliefs, etc...are you afraid of the disease? what are your beliefs about as a healer...God's role...etc...?

* You must truly like people (collectively and individually) in order to be able to help them...again, if you don't look at why within yourself.  This makes us chuckle but it is actually critically important.

* Be aware of when others just need to be listened to and not worked on...especially loved ones...honor that.

* Balance - Balance - Balance - in ALL things.

* Boundaries - Boundaries - Boundaries...when to have, have to have, what that feels like, God's perspective, when to flex...........we will look at both Balance & Boundaries in more detail during upcoming Play Groups!

Have a gorgeous day filled with a balance of peace & joy!

 Lots of Love & Light & Magic,




Posted by Janet at 10:22 AM EDT
Tuesday, 23 June 2009
The Heart & Circulatory System
Mood:  crushed out

I have no idea what "crushed out" (see "mood" above) means but I love the heart!!!Laughing

The weekend was wonderful in spite of some rain.  The skies here are gorgeous, rain or shine.  It is so amazing the difference that a car can make!  When I was in Idaho Falls before I was fairly trapped in the hotel with nothing but cement and fast food around I am free!!! (don't think the "other" significance of that statement is lost on me - it's not!Wink)  Free to explore the beauty of the country outside of the town and also to find the beauty within.  My hotel this time is beside the river/falls and the view from my window is lovely...I look onto the river and across the river is the LDS (Latter Day Saints / Mormon) Temple which is lit up at night.  The site of it glowing white in the night and as the sun rises is filled with peace & beauty - you can feel your heart & soul gently answering back when you gaze upon it.  If your life is filled with beauty and appreciation for the beauty in things (obvious or subtle) that is wonderful...if not, look within and look at what you were taught about beauty...your own, others, where to find it, do you deserve it, what does it feel like to see beauty and to be beautiful - how do you do it? and of course, that it's  safe and possible for you to live in and be beauty.  Who me???  Yes, YOU!!!Kiss

 The heart, blood and the circulatory system are connected to many things, but most importantly to Love & Communication.  Here are a couple of things to ponder...

* Do you know how to give and receive love?  What that feels like?  That you deserve it and it's safe and possible to live in a place of complete and unconditional love from Creator?  Just say "yes" and the downloads are yours.Innocent

* Do you know your truth?  Do you speak it?  Do you live in it?  Do you know the difference between your truth (opinion) and God's Truth?  Here's a hint...they are often (usually?) not exactly the same and often very different.

* Know that you have a right to your opinion but you do not have the right to impose that opinion on others.  That's true in life as well as in ThetaHealing.  If you find yourself "knowing" (and probably telling!) your client what they need to work on, it may very likely be you not them who would benefit from working on those things.Embarassed

* What does the world owe you???  Air and the ability to seek and find food...the rest is up to you to create...and yes, energy and effort (not struggle) is required.  Life is not supposed to be hard, but it is full of hills and valleys, ups & downs...that is what you chose when you decided to come into this body on this planet. (and you probably had some pretty good reasons for doing that!)  Life is life.  I guess that bears repeating...say it with me..."Life is life."  It's all about what you do with you respond to it - whether you have lemons or lemonade to use an oldie but goodie.  If you are frustrated because things don't go the way you think they should; mad because if "bad" things happen, either you or God must have "messed up"; if you notice (and react) when something not so pleasanrt happens (even if many good things have been happening), etc...look at your beliefs!!!

*  Regrets - Regrets - Regrets.  Clear your regrets and your heart will be much healthier and you will be much happier.  Regrets can be as deep as beliefs as well as obvious to the conscious mind...when you dig down you will be surprised what is lurking!Foot in mouth As my grandma used to say, "better out than in!"Smile

* P.S. to the cannot pull all regrets at need to be clear and complete about each one.

Have a beautiful, joy filled day!!!

With Light, Love & Sparkles,


Posted by Janet at 9:33 AM EDT
Monday, 22 June 2009
Friday!!! The Respiratory System - Lung Day!
Mood:  d'oh

So sorry to those of you who were looking for my last 2 entries last week...somehow they got posted to a different blog!  They're up now.Smile

*Last chance to register for the Rainbow Children's going to be amazing.  I just bought a very strange looking wand at Vianna's store the other day - incredibly powerful (as attested to by a few of my friends who kindly volunteered to be my guinea pigs! Tongue out) and meant to be used in the class to clear the 3rd eye.  If you are interested you need to contact Mike at 856-435-2713 or me at 856-498-1173 and leave a message sometime today, confirming your attendance and also put the deposit ($300) in the mail right must be received this week.  I've kept the total at the early bird rate of $700 in case you weren't aware of thatLaughing  The final deadline has been moved up since I need additional time for the shipping of the crytal balls (what fun!)  Also, just wanted you to know that part of this class's tuition must be sent back to the Institute's scholarship fund.

Ok, so on to "Lung Day"!  The lungs hold sorrow, grief, fear, regret & the inability to defend oneself or show one's feelings.  Lung issues can be caused by those issues along with things like mold/fungus, allergies, dust, needing water, etc. and at times can have genetic causes.

The adrenals keep the lungs functioning so weak adrenals = weak lungs - just thought you should know!  This is also important because it illustrates how you need to find the root cause - of beliefs and also of physical problems....this is critical.

What helps the lungs?

* Vitamin C, zinc (must take on a full stomach), Pau D'Arco, ALA, echinecea & more water - * VERY IMPORTANT - if you want to use supplements be sure to study & understand what you are doing - work with a qualified professional vs. going out and buying/taking a lot of things.  This is even true for vitamins in general - if you take many at once, they will probably not be absorbed.

* Working on strengthening the adrenals & exercise are very important for lung health.  Also the Broken Soul technique is important to do.

* Work on clearing Regrets & Resentments - remember you must find out how they served/what were the lessons learned, what it feels like & how to live without resentment and be free of regret.

General "Good to Know" Info:

* You MUST believe it is possible to heal in order to heal...pretty simple, yes?  But profound and true...enough said.  Belief work & downloads can help with this if the person is willing/desiring and actively participating in the change.

* You must also forgive yourself or you will never heal.

* You can grow new brain cells faster than you can wake up dead ones...very interesting! Surprised

* Working with any disease...get to the bottoms by making sure you ask why the person has the disease? and what are they going to do/what will life be like after the disease is gone?  Often, there is no "plan" for what comes after and so the disease is held.

That's it for today...Happy Monday! 

Wishing you all a magnificent day and week ahead!!!Cool

Much Light, Love & Joy,






    Posted by Janet at 9:52 AM EDT
    Friday, 19 June 2009
    What Day Is It???!
    Mood:  not sure

    I'm pretty sure it's Friday...ok, I'm definitely sure, but yesterday I was sure it was Wednesday and that turned out to be wrong!  It's very strange how I am energized one moment & exhausted the next...lots of big changes going on...  I had a headache all day yesterday and it is gone today so that is cause for celebration - lots of work, love & healing from friends and yes, finally...ibuprophen.  I prefer not to take medication (I know many of you feel that way as well), however, if you are choosing to suffer instead of relieve the pain easily after you have done the holistic stuff...might be something to change! 

    Yesterday was the Digestive System, but I'm actually guided to just put down a few "random" (hahaWink) thoughts such as...

    * The more you practice the more you see!!!  I know you ThetaHealing students have heard that over & over...but it's TRUE!!!  When I first began scanning the body I "saw" very little most of the time.  I'm still not sure when I am "seeing" vs. knowing (doesn't matter to me now) and I sometimes think I need to get more details...silly me...  I do know that being unattached & not caring "how" I "get" it opens the way for the information to flow and I also know for a fact that the more you practice the better you become.  Yesterday Vianna had someone come into class who has cancer and asked us to scan her for the tumors...I saw the exact number, sizes and placement - could've knocked me over with a feather!  Was I a little uncertain that what I saw clearly was true? yes.  Did I trust what I got (without even labelling how I received it)? Yes.  If you want to be clairvoyant... know that you are - let go (stop pushing or you may not like what happens) - practice & TRUST - you will be amazed - I promise.

    * If you eat sushi with wasabi you are one smart cookie (yes sweetie, you're the smarter one - haha) - takes care of the parasites!  Oregano is another awesome natural way to get rid of those little buggers.  Also, if you travel to another country, it's a great idea to eat their food prepared in their got it...helps to minimize the foreign critters (bacteria, etc. as well).

    * Vows & Commitments:  these may not show themselves until you are ready to release them (ie. poverty, celibacy, suffering, etc.) so check them periodically if/when common sense dictates from what is happening in your life and of course if/when Creator tells you to - big mistake if you say "oh I'm just making that up - I know I don't have that - I checked it before" !!!

    * Make sure you know the difference between "Surviving" and "Living" - could make life MUCH more enjoyable!Cool

    * Clear your crown chakra periodically, especially if you are doing a lot of ThetaHealing work on yourself &/or others and you feel pressure around your head or aches in the shoulders/neck.

    * "Sticks & stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" - so wrong!  Digestive issues are often related to hurts and abuses from childhood (small & large - you really cannot judge that logically - it depends on each individual in each moment, how something was taken &/or handled).  This is also the solar plexus & sacral chakra area so if it is blocked so is abundance, creativity & energy!  Lovingly & gently clearing these issues is a wonderful thing.SmileWell, I'm off to the shower & Lung day...yikes...I'm guessing this will be an interesting day. (yes, yes, I know that "interesting" is a Chinese curse...I plan to have fun!!!  Plus breathing is a very good thingLaughing)

    Have a warm & fuzzy, love-filled Friday!

    Much Love, Light & Miracles,


    Posted by Janet at 12:01 AM EDT

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